Black Tower Studios

Black Tower Studios was established in 2012 in Tokyo.
Richie Casper, who worked as an Animator, Producer and Creative Director at Acquire Corp in Tokyo for over a decade, and Kohei Kamata, who worked as Lead Engineer and Technical Director at Acquire for even longer, wanted to start an indie game development studio that felt more like indie studios in the west. Less “suit and tie” corporate and more indie “punk rock” band.

Although Black Tower is based in Tokyo, they work with various publishing and development partners throughout the world.

President and Creative Director Richie Casper hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Although he has lived in Japan for over 20 years, he has somehow retained his Southern accent and mixes and matches English and standard Tokyo Japanese with a little bit of western Japanese dialect that comes out on occasion.

Chief Technical Officer Kohei Kamata hails from the moutaintops of Yamagata Prefecture. A high-tech ninja with a wealth of original game engine creation and game development experience on consoles, he’s been making games from all the way back to the first PlayStation and up to the current consoles, specializing in Unreal Engine 4 development.

In addition to Richie and Kohei, Black Tower is made up of several other highly experienced rockstars who specialize in blowing peoples’ minds with their pure awesomeness.

Kings Of The Black Tower

Richie Casper

Kings Of The Black Tower

Born on a Friday the 13th many years ago (true story), he came out of the womb bathed in awesomeness and humility. With the help of his innate arcane abilities and Diet Coke, he uses his powers for the good of mankind and is often found battling Pterodactyls in the clouds above the streets of Tokyo.

Kamata Kohei

Chief Technical Officer

Appearing out of thin air many years ago (true story?), he singlehandedly won the Battle of Sekigahara before disappearing without a trace. Many years later, he reappeared suddenly and hadn’t aged a day. He now uses his unique talents to protect the world from creatures that lurk in the shadows.